The Dismemberment Plan - Can We be Mature?

The unofficial theme of my shift on 9/13/14.


Homer - I Know You Didn’t Mean It When You Said You Don’t Love Me Anymore

I have no idea how this song ended up in my possession and I know nothing about this band but I likes it.

Tomorrow I’ll be playing a show at a venue that I vowed I’d never play at again for reasons.  The only reason I’m doing this is because it’s a huge favor to someone.  In short, I feel like a fraud.


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lololol i luv being a musician in a world where people believe art should be free

isn’t it fun to invest thousands of dollars and years of your life into something only to have strangers tell you they shouldn’t have to pay for it

also fun to have non-musicians telling you how stupid you are for…

Remember that time I listened to this song endlessly before work.

In time, even death itself might be abolished; who knows but it may be given to us after this life to meet again in the old quarters, to play chess and draughts, to get up soon to answer the morning role call, to fall in at the tap of the drum for drill and dress parade, and again to hastily don our war gear while the monotonous patter of the long roll summons to battle.

Who knows but again the old flags, ragged and torn, snapping in the wind, may face each other and flutter, pursuing and pursued, while the cries of victory fill a summer day? And after the battle, then the slain and wounded will arise, and all will meet together under the two flags, all sound and well, and there will be talking and laughter and cheers, and all will say, Did it not seem real? Was it not as in the old days?




are you fuckin kidding me


attn squids


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Bad Dude

Bad Dude

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The Jam - Absolute Beginners

I’m pretty sure this is the only song I’ve chosen to listen to for the past week.